Wreckreation is the car-crashing [spiritual] sequel to Wreckfest

Wreckreation is the car-crashing [spiritual] sequel to Wreckfest

Launch your car into the sky like God intended

Edit: While it’s not billed as a direct sequel to Wreckfest, both “Wreck-” games are published by THQNordic and focus on racing, stunting, and crashing cars.

Wreckreation takes the craziness of Wreckfest and aims to ratchet it up a lot — by about 450,000, that is. The game takes an open world approach, letting players drive around 450,000 km (280,000 miles for us in the West) of roads and tracks in one of 30 different vehicles.

A new Live Mix feature lets players build tracks on the fly and share them with friends, including the giant, gravity-defying launches that Elon can only dream about when he’s sending Tesla Roadsters into space.

Wreckreation has no date but is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

From THQ Nordic:

Wreckreation is the home of your very own MixWorld, a 400 square kilometer racing realm that is yours to create, shape – and wreck. Developed by Three Fields Entertainment, a team consisting of racing game veterans, Wreckreation was designed to be the ultimate open-world sandbox experience for driving and racing fans alike. A complete world of your own designed by you or together with friends in online coop.