CD Projekt RED announces Witcher Remake

CD Projekt RED announces Witcher Remake

There are a lot of projects for CD Projekt on the way

The Witcher game series (based on a book, for real!) is happily in its 15th anniversary. A minute ago the series’ developers, CD Projekt RED, announced a slew of new projects to celebrate, including games and more games and even more games.

One of those projects was a title known as “Canis Majoris” and was described as a new Witcher game developed by a third party. We now know what that game is: a full remake of 2007’s original Witcher. The Witcher: Remake is rebuilding that title for a new generation that likely only jumped in with the wildly popular Witcher 3. Well guess what? A LOT has changed with the games since that first one launched, including gameplay mechanics and visual fidelity, not to mention storytelling and character building. To bring the beginnings back properly would require more than just (another) port, and so CDPR has bestowed that honor to developer Fool’s Theory, and will utilize Unreal Engine 5 to achieve the task. There’s no release date, and if past CDPR projects are the precedent then you may be waiting a while.

Source: CDPR

Speaking of that celebration, and in case you missed the recent news, CDPR is working on that next Witcher game and placing it as a kickoff to a whole new mega trilogy. The codename for that game is POLARIS. Project SIRIUS is another new title in the Witcher universe, being developed by Molasses Flood (The Flame in the Flood) and focusing on both single-player and online multiplayer.

Cyberpunk 2077 is still getting love from CDPR. After that subpar launch, the game has seemingly turned itself around, so much so that the dev has revealed ORION as the first AAA follow up.

Finally, the company announced that it’s actually working on its own, brand new IP for a change. HADAR will bring a sort of third pillar of series to the company outside of The Witcher and Cyberpunk games. There’s no other details about the genre or setting, mostly because the company is really just getting started on the project.

Anyhoo, CD Projekt RED really likes making games, so they may need to hire a few more folks this time to make all that work actually happen in a timely manner.