(un)HOLY SHIT: Konami confirms Silent Hill is coming back

(un)HOLY SHIT: Konami confirms Silent Hill is coming back

Yes, for real, FOR REAL

Konami has finally confirmed that its Silent Hill franchise is making a comeback — SOUND SURPRISED!

The news came in a tweet, because of course it did, and signaled that the upcoming project(s?) would be revealed on Wednesday of this week.

The tweet mentions the latest updates for the “Silent Hill series,” which may further lend credence to the rumors floating around over the last few years that several projects were in the works, including a new game and a remake.

Whatever is announced, now seems like the perfect time, what with the renaissance in spooky games and the whole SPOOKY SEASON taking place right now. The Silent Hill Transmission can be watched Wednesday, October 19th at 2PM PT/5PM ET on Konami’s Silent Hill website.