I don’t know what to think about the lost Kingdom Hearts pilot

I don’t know what to think about the lost Kingdom Hearts pilot

Sora and friends almost made their first dip onto TV a long time ago

A long time ago, on a PS2 far, far away, some Disney executive’s kid was playing Kingdom Hearts when their parent walked into the room, ultimately realizing that they should make a cartoon out of this thing that their kid likes.

And they did! Or rather, they will — eventually.

But it almost happened nearly two decades years ago, when Animator Seth Kearsley was placed as EP on a project to bring the game to non-gaming screens. Recently Kearsley found the VHS of the video above, and opted to post it online. The 11-minute vid is a storyboard animatic pitch to studio executives to greenlight the show, but sadly it never made it that far. The clip is a sort of introduction to the game IP, and features Sora, Riku, and their Disney friends as they hop across Agrabah.

As interesting as the piece of history is, I’m glad the project never actually got off the ground back then, because, uh, HAVE YOU TRIED TO FIGURE OUT THE PLOT OF THE GAMES?! They’ve gone places, and the character development has gone places, and a lot of those places are definitely blowing past what a kid IP generally is. Which is why I’m glad that the concept of a show is only NOW coming into play, after the wild meat of it all has finally been filled out.

Enjoy the pitch clip above, at least as a lesson to wait.