PAX East 2023 tickets go on sale

PAX East 2023 tickets go on sale

Ready for the adventure? YES YOU ARE.

PAX East is coming back, and tickets have JUST NOW gone on sale. The event, which will take place next year from March 23-26, 2023, looks to capitalize on the success of this past year’s PAX events. This year saw a more measured, but surprisingly waaaaaay more fun, series of PAX events. East in Boston was loads of fun, and J.J. would *not* stop bragging about how great West was, too.

With things slowly ramping up over the last couple of years, we reckon 2023 will be much busier, and much more full of things to do, see, and experience.

Tickets are NOW ON SALE for the March event. Running from $67/day for individual days to $247 for the whole 4-day event, interested attendees can head over to the PAX East website to make their purchases now.

A word of warning: You maaaaaay want to grab tickets ahead of time this year.

Buy them here: PAX EAST WEBSITE

And hey, relive the action of 2022 by watching our epic panels from the show here.