Fixture S2 Nintendo Switch OLED screen mount review

Fixture S2 Nintendo Switch OLED screen mount review

They thought of everything with this great Switch accessory

What do you get a Nintendo Switch owner who has everything? This, probably. The Fixture S2 Switch OLED screen mount lets players use the swOLED much more portably with a Pro Controller.

The unit has great weight distribution, allowing the Switch to feel comfortable and stable when attached to a Pro Con. The way the system attaches is solid, utilizing the Joy-Con rails as the connection point. I have no worries about it coming out, and like to terrify my fellow SideQuesting teammates by waving the device around without any looseness.

And, when I feel like playing on a table, the device can be detached from the controller to use as a stand by itself, even letting me charge with a nice pace through.

The additional case is one of the nicest that I’ve seen for a Switch, allowing me to keep a controller, Switch, and everything else I’ll need in a sturdy package.


n the video above, J.J. explains why this may be a must-have for owners of Nintendo’s latest console, especially if they’re not feeling the standard Joy-Cons anymore.

This Review is based on a product provided by the manufacturer to SideQuesting. It originally appeared on the November 28th episode of The SideQuest.