Hot Wheels: Rift Rally is the Mario Kart Live successor

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally is the Mario Kart Live successor

From the people that brought you the other game exactly like this

I enjoyed Mario Kart Live for what it was: a way to turn my living room into a complete mess of ramps, toilet paper rolls, and upside-down shoe boxes with amiibo littered on top like spectators. For a couple of hours each play session, it was pretty neat to see things from the ground level, constantly reminding me to swiffer and vacuum.

Unfortunately each track is basically the same, and the magic kind of wears off if you don’t have the space (or the agreeable spouse) to really build up a course in your house.

But the game functioned really well, and had all the accoutrements of Mario Kart, down to the bananas and shells. And so developer Velan Studios is taking that technical know-how and bringing it to another racing IP: Hot Wheels. Rift Rally is extremely similar to Mario Kart Live, utilizing a camera mounted on an RC car (known as The Chameleon) that zips around your house, with the view projected on the big TV screen. It’s (still) a neat idea, and especially so if you have the space. In this case, players will have the ability to fully customize aspects of their vehicles, like colors and models — something that MKL didn’t allow. Rift Rally will also allow for more tricks and stunts, something that Hot Wheels fans are big into.

Up to four cars (four players!) can be in play at the same time, with up to 140 Hot Wheels cars available to use as skins.

Rift Rally is currently scheduled to launch for PlayStation platforms and iOS (no Switch, Xbox or PC yet) on March 14th in $129.99 and $149.99 versions, available for preorder on the Rift Rally website.