Mortal Kombat 12 confirmed, coming this year

Mortal Kombat 12 confirmed, coming this year

Revealed in the most boring, least kombative way

We had heard rumors about Mortal Kombat 12’s existence (Hello, Jeff Grubb!) and had been waiting and waiting and waiting to see a reveal. Was it going to happen at E3 2021? Nope. A PlayStation showcase? Nah. Xbox Showcase? Nossir. E3 2022 — wait, that didn’t happen.

What DID happen was today’s investor call from Warner Bros Discovery. The leadership of the conglomerate, CEO David Zaslav, was touting the success of Hogwarts Legacy and the upcoming slate of games including Suicide Squad and “Mortal Kombat 12… releasing this year.”

Wait, what? Yeah, that took not only fans by surprise, but also the development and publishing side.

CEOs, amiright?

Anyhoo, it’s happening. When will the full reveal take place? Who really knows at this point, though there are a few events coming up that we can suggest.