Nintendo officially skipping E3 2023

Nintendo officially skipping E3 2023

He’s just not that into you

2009’s rom-com “He’s Just Not That Into You” was based on a popular self-help book of the same name. The book is often cited in helping in understanding how to make a stronger relationship, or when to cut it away. The movie is about a bunch of actors paid a lot to spend a few minutes on the screen and cry? Love? Hate? Who knows, it was critically panned.

Nintendo may be looking at both of these Works of Art in their mood towards E3 2023. The embattled expo (which *IS* still happening, including the likes of Ubisoft and Konami) had recently faced rumors and mild confirmations of The Big Three not attending in person. There are a lot of stars in the games industry, but now Nintendo has confirmed to Venture Beat that it’s not on the cast list, deciding not to attend. And though it still “supports the ESA” like someone not exactly wanting their Ex to get hit by a bus, it’s starting to seem like even help from ReedPop may not be enough to pull sentiment towards the event.

In reality, Nintendo has a very busy first half of the year, culminating with Zelda: TOTK in May. That’s going to dominate the company’s marketing and mindset for a while, so much so that heading into E3 just a few weeks after its launch may not actually make sense. But you know where they WILL be? In fact, with Pikmin 4 arriving at the end of July as the company’s next big game, they may choose to not even push that until the end of June or beginning of July, after most of us have had our Zelda fix and the Final Fantasies and Street Fighters are still in our consoles.

That doesn’t mean the company doesn’t have anything to show the second half of the year — it may just continue to use the drip feed of information that’s become so common for them in the Pandemic Era of Games. There’s a new Switch on the way at some point, and Metroid Prime 4 and other games are in development. It just doesn’t seem like the right time to get back in bed with E3’s physical space for them.

Maybe they’ll need to give themselves some time. Space is good, I’ve read.

Source: Venture Beat