Pokémon Sleep still exists?!

Pokémon Sleep still exists?!

Be rudely awakened by a Snorlax later this year

We haven’t heard about Pokémon Sleep in years. In fact, we thought Nintendo gave up on the project, one that was a weird spin-off of the Sleep Sensor QoL project they were working on.

Well, it’s back. The “game” takes place on an island in which a Snorlax and a Professor study sleep patterns and how they affect the pocket monsters. By leaving your smart phone near your bed when you hit the pillow, sleep will be (somehow) tracked and your Pokémon of choice will receive bonuses. We don’t know what that will be (maybe new outfits?) but hopefully it’s enough to keep people interested for longer than that first night.

Sleep will be categorized by one of three sleep types — dozing, snoozing, slumbering — with the intent that it will help users get a better and more consistent nights’ rest.

If you’re wondering how they can further measure the sleep data, let me introduce you to the Pokémon Go Plus +. Yes, TWO pluses. The disc-like device includes a button that is pushed when the user goes to bed and pushed again when they awake, for simpler and more accurate sleep tracking. There’s even supposedly a Pikachu that “lives” in the device that will sing lullabies, grow friendlier with more sleep, and unlock new alarm sounds.

The Plus+ can be used in Pokémon Go as well, automatically spinning pokestops and helping throw pokeballs. Furthermore, it can import the sleep data into Pokémon GO for bonuses such as special research for unique encounters and outfits. The Plus+GoPlus+Go Plus is available in July around the release of Pokémon Sleep.

There are already plenty of sleep apps out there, but perhaps dropping in a Pokémon will compel some more use out of one?