Happy PAX East 2023 week — don’t forget our ULTIMATE Party list!

Happy PAX East 2023 week — don’t forget our ULTIMATE Party list!

PAX East is upon us, let’s have a nice time

Now that it’s PAX East week, we wanted to remind all of you lovely people that we want you to enjoy your time at the event! There are several things you can do, so let’s do an absolutely quick rundown:

–PAX East Schedule–

Don’t forget that when you’re not playing games, you can check out some great panels and shows taking place throughout the convention center. Head to the PAX Schedule Page here.

And while you’re at it, JOIN US FOR OUR SECOND ANNUAL MEDIOCRE GAMES PANEL! We’ve got a fantastic group of folks that are going to tell all of YOU why mid games are actually the BEST games.

7 Ate 9: When Mediocre Games are Better Than the Best

Thu, Mar 23, 2023

5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Dragonfly Theatre

Do you find yourself enjoying games that maybe didn’t review so well? Games that aren’t necessarily “good” but “good enough”? We do! We’ll take a look at games that would normally end up in the middle of the pack but manage to eclipse their meh(?) review scores and become perfect Tens in our hearts — AKA: THE PERFECT 7

Dali Dimovski (He/Him) [Editor-in-Chief, SideQuesting];
J.J. Holder (He/Him) [Editor, SideQuesting];
Taylor Bliss (He/Him) [Editor, SideQuesting];
Sam Dixon (He/Him) [Editor, SideQuesting];
Sarah LeBoeuf (She/Her) [Consultant/Writer Freelance];
@NOLAnerdcast (He/Him) [Host/PR, SDGC];
Zach Quest (He/Him) [Editor SideQuesting]


When you’re done with the show floor, BE SURE TO HEAD OUT and enjoy the many events taking place during PAX East evenings! Check out SideQuesting’s ULTIMATE PAX EAST 2023 PARTY LIST!

We’re throwing an event, too! Right after our panel ends, head to Howl at the Moon at 7PM on Thursday, March 23rd for:

SideQuesting presents PAXGPT – A PAX East 2023 Party
7P-11PM @ Howl at the Moon, 184 High St, Boston, MA 02110
InfoWEBSITE | Looking for a party GENERATED by great vibes, people, and music? Join several hundred of your friends at SideQuesting at the PAX GPT PAX East after party!No super-powered AI is needed to figure this out: PAXGPT will be just that — a Great Party Time! Join the party at Howl at the Moon, one of the best party spots in Boston! Free appetizers until 10PM!
Tickets: 21+ FREE REGISTRATION Eventbrite


See you at the show, and feel free to say HELLO!