SideQuesting’s PAX East 2023 Team Choice Awards

SideQuesting’s PAX East 2023 Team Choice Awards

Our favorite games from PAX East 2023!

PAX East is now done for another year, and it’s safe to say that it was a terrific experience and a ton of fun — and there were so many great games that it was overwhelming (in a good way)!

Team SideQuesting managed to see a massive amount of projects on and off of the show floor, and have put together a list of our favorites. And now, here they are: Our annual Team Choice Awards for PAX East 2023!

Rift of the NecroDancer

A novel twist on rhythm action games that throws in combos, stacking, and even a little Rhythm Heaven; Rift of the NecroDancer, Brace Yourself Games’ upcoming successor to the popular “Crypt” games, takes the nuanced rhythm fighting of the series and plops it onto what initially feels like a traditional rhythm game highway — but there’s so much more than just that. Read More >>

Mina the Hollower

What if Castlevania was a Game Boy Zelda game?

That’s a simple enough idea, and the end result, Mina the Hollower, is one that might be a great answer to that question. Yacht Club Games’ upcoming project takes the nostalgic charm that the developers are known for and adheres it to a more exploration adventure concept. It’s deep in development, but the PAX East 2023 demo is a great, full feeling experience already. Read More >>

Anger Foot

Anger Foot is a fast-paced FPS kick ’em up that’s as stupidly fun as it is outrageous. You’ll sometimes hear the cliche phrase “this game knows exactly what it is” when describing a product, but in this case it’s completely true; what it we just used our foot and kicked EVERYTHING?

Hey, and it works!

Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive is set in a bizarro near future that mixes gravitational science, aliens, and the world’s strangest weather. There are floating chunks of highway, electrical surges, and an absolutely weird plasmic storm that decimates everything at the end, if you are not prepared enough. Fog? Check. Weird power stations everywhere? Also check. Humans missing? You got it.

But even with all of the end times environment, the real meat of the game is car-based survival, and oh what a joy that is. Read More >>


Cuisineer puts us in the shoes of an adventurer returning home only to find that their family restaurant is in debt. The only way to save it? Hunt down ingredients in dungeons and prepare enough food to turn the economic tide! Read More >>


Demonschool is a school-life tactics RPG with hints of Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, and 70s Italian horror cinema. Experience a semester on a remote island at sea as freshman Faye, the last of a long line of demon hunters. Fight satanic villains infiltrating the human world with a streamlined, fast-paced combat system where movement equals action and decisions can be rewound. Form relationships with your peers, strategically plan your party’s class schedule to prepare for investigations, and explore a deep narrative with haunting aesthetic and memorable characters. Read More >>

Aliens: Dark Descent

A tactical game based on one of the most revered sci-fi movies of all time comes full circle as it brings a high level of tension and a fear-inducing atmosphere to squad combat and exploration. They’re coming out of the walls now — good luck! Read More >>

Trinity Fusion

How do you survive when three universes are at war? You get the best hunters in the Multiverse to save them! Trinity Fusion brings universe-hopping to a whole new concept as we jump, shoot, slide, grapple, and portal our way across unique worlds — taking on incredible enemies along the way. Read More >>

Congratulations to all of the winners! And take a look at all of our PAX East 2023 coverage, panels, and podcasts HERE!