Starfield delayed to September

Starfield delayed to September

Now launching (into space) a few months later… maybe

Listen, we all knew this was going to happen. Starfield, which was rumored in as early as 2017, announced in 2018, given an initial 2022 launch date, then officially given a November 11th, 2022 launch date, then delayed into the “first half of 2023,” now has it’s newest release date: the second half of 2023 — September 6th, to be exact.

At least, WE HOPE. We pray and we hope this is for real this time. It’s following the similar path of Cyberpunk 2077, which was kept getting delayed until it finally launched (in a not-so-good state in 2020) and received a series of updates to get it fully functioning as it was intended, in 2023.


In reality, it’s good to move it out of a jam-packed June, what with Final Fantasy XVI & Street Fighter VI launching that month, the return of E3 and Summer events, and everyone still in a Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom hangover from its launch the month prior.

How confident are you that this will be the final date, which is 10 months later than the previous stake in the ground?

Who knows. It still looks neat! More info will come during a Starfield Direct on June 11th.