LEGO shows off new Sonic & Donkey Kong sets

LEGO shows off new Sonic & Donkey Kong sets

The movie stars are back in block form

LEGO are cool again (they always were, weren’t they?) and the toy maker has embraced gaming in a major way. Now, they’ve given us some looks at upcoming sets in their Mario & Sonic lines, and they’re pretty fantastic.

First, as seen above, there are FOUR new Sonic the Hedgehog sets on the way. Unlike the previous Sonic sets, which were listed specifically under the IDEAS group, these latest are full-fledged and a part of a line up of the IP. They feature a much bigger Green Hill “Loop” variant, sets specific to Amy and Tails, and a Sonic Sphere Challenge. Amy and Tails get their own minifigs now, too, so that’s pretty great. The sets feature a ton of interactivity, and even Sonic on a beach with a hot dog. NOICE. They arrive August 1st.

Meanwhile, Super Mario is still hot, and the latest sets on the way feature one of the breakout stars from the recent movie, Donkey Kong. While teased back in March, not much is known about what will be included, but we do know that DK will be joined by Dixie, Cranky Kong and Funky Kong. No release date yet, but expect more news soon.