AEW Fight Forever is slamming bodies and breaking backs on June 29

AEW Fight Forever is slamming bodies and breaking backs on June 29

You won’t have to wait FOREVER any more

We feel like we’ve been waiting for forever (pun horribly intended) for AEW’s first console video game, and now their take on in-ring action is finally (almost) here. The company, alongside developer Yuke’s and publisher THQNordic, has revealed that the game will launch on June 29th, 2023. That date is just 4 days after Forbidden Door, the company’s wrestling pay-per-view with Japanese promotion NJPW, so the timing is pretty perfect.

The game’s developer, Yuke’s is well known for developing several wrestling games in the past, from NJPW to WWE, and is angling the game for the classic arcade style feel of play as opposed to being super realistic. Expect a more nostalgic experience, at least in terms of controls and overall vibe. Fight Forever will include a bajillion different types of matches, online modes, and even some mini-games, alongside some expanded customization options and both Women’s and Men’s divisions.

Ahead of the upcoming Double or Nothing pay-per-view, AEW took to Twitter to showcase the gameplay in the style of its 4 Pillars main event match.

Wrestling games have had a big resurgence over the last few years, with WWE 2k regaining its momentum and several indie projects (like Wrestle Quest) popping up to fill any voids left. AEW Fight Forever will land on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC on June 29th.