LEGO reveals PAC-MAN arcade cabinet

LEGO reveals PAC-MAN arcade cabinet

Drop in your plastic quarters on June 1st

It’s another “time to make my wallet hurt” type of day, as LEGO has formally revealed its upcoming PAC-MAN arcade cabinet set. The set, which utilizes 2651 pieces, is an impressive homage to the little yellow pizza guy. First released in arcades in 1980, the game came in a big yellow cabinet, and LEGO has repeated that design here.

Special features include a crank to make PAC run around the screen chasing ghosts, coin slot that lights up, 8-way joystick and a character set on top that shows off PAC, Blinky and Clyde. There’s even a High Score that can be adjusted. But, open the back of the cabinet and find a hidden arcade scene with mini-fig. Neat!

I love the gaming-related sets that LEGO has produced, from the NES and Mario sets to the Atari 2600. This giant set will be sure to be a collector’s item — if they can rip it away from my countertop.

The set will drop on June 4th (June 1st for VIPs) for $269.99.

Source: LEGO

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