Quick Look: Mixing a TARDIS and Game of Thrones with Mackenzie Flohr

Quick Look: Mixing a TARDIS and Game of Thrones with Mackenzie Flohr

Or, how Whovians make great writers

Mackenzie Flohr is an award-winning Novelist and Screenwriter, with a great personality and a true love of the craft — but the very first thing I noticed about the author was their Doctor Who inspired outfit, and the familiar red fez and Sonic Screwdriver at their booth. “Which Doctor?” That’s the first question that Whovians usually ask each other when they meet. It’s clear that Flohr is a fan, as showcased by the gear and the stack of their “Binge Watcher’s Guide to Doctor Who” books.

That’s what makes the author’s book series The Rite of Wands so appealing. It mixes elements of a few different big works, like the aforementioned Who and Game of Thrones, and even a little Harry Potter. Set in medieval times, it’s the story of a 12 year old boy, Mierta, who discovers that they’re a wizard. Though they haven’t gained their powers yet, they’re sent through a Christmas Carol-like situation where they see their past, present, and future (see? timey wimey!) and eventually seeing their impending death later in life. This spurs them to devote their time towards developing their wizardry powers towards and saving the ones they love, but not before mixing it up with nefarious powers who want to use Mierta’s abilities for equally nefarious deeds.

But is this a typical hero’s path? “I want my characters to surprise me. I write and plan and write again and see where it goes. It’s more of a European character development. It’s not always a direct path. Sometimes it jumps around. Just like Doctor Who!” With two books already released, Flohr is keen to keep readers just as surprised as the author is. “Sometimes we’ll be cheering, and sometimes we’ll be upset.” That’s how characters evolve and grow, whether we expect them to or not. Though two books are already out, Flohr’s next project is to take the series to other media, having already created a screenplay.

In the meantime, hang out with a future wizard, or watch a little Doctor Who. Oh, and the answer to “Which Doctor?”

“All of them.”

You can follow Mackenzie Flohr at mackenzieflohr.com.