PlayStation’s Firewalk Studios announces exclusive FPS game Concord

PlayStation’s Firewalk Studios announces exclusive FPS game Concord

Concord is the flight of the former Destiny teammates

Firewalk Studios, acquired only last month by Sony, is a studio founded by Bungie’s Harold Ryan that includes colleague Ryan Ellis, both of which have worked on franchises like Destiny and Halo. Their first game was in development when Sony grabbed them, and now we know what that game is!

Kind of!


During Sony’s latest PlayStation Showcase, the company revealed Concord, a multiplayer PvP FPS set in a sci-if universe where the adventure is meant to be different every time Players jump in. That’s all we know, unfortunately. It’s coming from veterans who made a living off of these kinds of games, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that this was the direction they would take their first outing. At least the teaser trailer looks kind of neat.

Concord is one of the handful of first party exclusives announced during Sony’s latest event, and is scheduled to launch in 2024. All we know is that it’ll be exclusive to PS5 and PC, so those in love with their PS4s may finally want to start looking towards the next generation.