Xbox confirms more details for its June 11 showcase

Xbox confirms more details for its June 11 showcase

And Fanfest, too!

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Microsoft had already told us that a June showcase and Starfield Direct was on the way in June, with or without E3 taking place. Now we know way more details about the event.

In a blog post, the company revealed the start time for the annual showcase, which will once again begin at 10AM PT/1PM ET on Sunday, June 11. It will immediately be followed by a Starfield Direct that will go into all of the details of the game in excruciating depth (we hope). You can watch those on YouTube and Twitch.

For those in LA on that date, Fanfest will take place during the event, giving players a seat to watch the show and get hands-on with games, grab grub, and meet up with fellow fans. Virtual event showings will take place around the globe as well, and fans can register here: FANFEST REGISTRATION.

The company also revealed that it’ll be hosting an Xbox Games Showcase Extended on Tuesday, June 13 (catch it on the same socials as the Sunday showcase).

Xbox is in a bit of a weird spot right now. Over the last few months the brand has faced a lot of headwinds in both game quality and quantity, its intent to buy Activision, and the state of its console business. Game Pass is king of the hill at the company right now, and Phil Spencer has said as much in recent interviews over the last few days. A strong showing for the company is critical, as is a firm outline and schedule of game releases.

At least we know Starfield will be there, bugs likely and all.

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