Spider-man 2’s launch trailer is glorious, spoilery, awesome

Spider-man 2’s launch trailer is glorious, spoilery, awesome


It’s a big big BIG launch week for games, with GOTY contenders and fan favorites dropping almost hourly. One of the most anticipated over the last few years has been Marvel’s Spider-man 2, and it’s finally landing on our consoles this Friday.

The game, Insomniac’s second PS5 exclusive, brings both Peter and Miles together against Kraven the Hunter. It was likely meant to sort of piggy back on to the marketing for the Kraven movie, which was set to launch this month but got pushed into next year due to the WGA & SAG strikes, but now stands on its own. To celebrate that single focus Sony has graced us all with the game’s launch trailer, a tour de force of Spider-man lore and villains and some potential spoilers for the game itself. Ah well! You kids like Spidey.

Anyhoo, it details one of the big first battles, too, which should send some fans into a frenzy.

It follow’s a trailer released earlier this month focusing on the interplay between both Miles and Peter.

Marvel’s Spider-man 2 launches exclusively on the PS5 this Friday, October 20th. It’s the sequel to SideQuesting’s favorite game of 2018, so that should mean something to ya!