Trailer Sunday: House of the Dragon Season 2, Furiosa, and the Fallout series nails the aesthetic

Trailer Sunday: House of the Dragon Season 2, Furiosa, and the Fallout series nails the aesthetic

The past- and post-apocalypse shine this week

We’re coming up to the end of the year, and with the studio and creative strikes ultimately over, we’re finally catching up on a lot of the trailers and news that was being held off. And oooooh baby it’s a great time to get hyped.

Amazon took the day to drop info on a couple of its upcoming projects. The Fallout TV series is hitting screens in April, and they’ve absolutely nailed the aesthetic.

The Boys is on its way back soon with Season 4, and it looks just as bloody in its first teaser. Make sure you catch up with Gen V, which is also great.

HBO is also on the hype train now — even after cutting so much awesome stuff. We hate you, WBD. Anyhoo, House of the Dragon is coming back Summer 2024, and the teaser trailer shows some of the chaos that will unfold as the Targaryen family tears itself apart, physically. BIG DRAGONS!

Something else that WB has coming soon is the next Mad Max film, Furiosa. The movie will focus on the character from the excellent Fury Road and star Anya Taylor-Joy as the titular character as well as Chris Hemsworth as Dementus.

Also, it appears as though WBD remembers that DC is still a thing, especially since they have a big game coming out next year. Suicide Squad Isekai takes the wild team form the latest movie (and game) and throws them into a fantasy world. It’s directed by Eri Osada and made by Studio Wit, and will land in 2024. The second trailer s now here and continues to be bonkers.

For anyone that still has Paramount+, the Halo series is coming back for Season 2 next year. The first look teaser is live.

Pokemon is on its way back to TV, with the new Pokemon Horizons series landing on Netflix in February 2024. The show has been on Japan all year, but will now find its way to the US next year. It’s the new series without Ash as the lead, for those who may not be in the loop.