XBox hosting special podcast this week to update fans on its business

XBox hosting special podcast this week to update fans on its business


While many fans have been losing their shit over the last week towards the notion of Xbox going full Third Party, the reality is that the plan was always in place for the company to push more of its products across the gaming sphere. It’s good money! It’s good business! And it actually builds fanbases instead of destroying them!

When we found out that the company is hosting a “business update” this week, we were curious as to what format that would take. A big press event? A livestream showcase? The answer is… none of the above? It’s just a podcast, apparently. Spencer, alongside Xbox’s Sarah Bond and Matt Booty, will sit down on an episode of the Official Xbox Podcast and discuss the news, whatever it is. It’s likely not as worrisome as the end of the Xbox brand as we know it. In fact, a format like this tends to be more casual and forthright and devoid of marketing speak.

Now, WHAT that news is has fans buzzing. If this was a nothingburger then a tweet would have squashed it, so it’s more than zero. But if it was a full pivot to third partying then it would deserve something bigger than a podcast.

Or, it may be a tease for future viewing. Phil may squash some fears, but then tell viewers to stay tuned for new products that WILL be revealed later this year, like in whatever E3 used to be.

Either way, the show will go live on Thursday, February 15th at 12PM PT/3PM ET/8PM GMT on the official Xbox YouTube page (and elsewhere podcasts are viewed).