Thunder Ray review

Thunder Ray review

While Thunder Ray certainly carries a cool aesthetic, it’s not enough to save its bland gameplay.

Thunder Ray is a gory, gory boxing game that tries to take the nostalgia of classic rhythm-based boxing games and mix in its own flavor. With blood! And explosions! And lots of each! But that’s really it. It’s difficult to have fun with a game that just feels like it aims to replicate something rather than do something fresh. Sure, it’s cool to make an alien’s head explode — there are some legs to that idea — but beyond that? Not much.

On top of that, the Voice Acting and VO sounds really bad. Is it AI? It seems like AI. It sounds like AI, especially with the British accents.

It carries a cool aesthetic, but really the experience kind of ends there.

Purple Tree’s Thunder Ray tries almost too hard to capture a type of game experience without knowing what really makes that genre of boxing actually tick.

This review is based on a Nintendo Switch code sent to SideQuesting by the publisher. It originally appeared on The SideQuest Live for March 6, 2024. Images and video courtesy Purple Tree.