Trailer Party: Fallout, Alien, The Acolyte and more to whet our sci-fi appetites

Trailer Party: Fallout, Alien, The Acolyte and more to whet our sci-fi appetites

Plus announcements for new game-related movie projects!

We’ve had some great movies and shows this year already — DUNE 2, GO SEE IT — and now the Summer slate and back half of the 2024 is starting to get a little more clear. And hooo boy is there a lot to keep our eyes glued to!

Alien: Romulus

I love the Alien franchise, and whenever a new one is announced, even a bad one, I still inevitably go to see it. The next film, Romulus, is from Evil Dead‘s Fede Álvarez and promises to be much more of a terrifying experience. The first teaser trailer is below, and the film lands in theaters in August.


Amazon’s Fallout show is REALLY coming up quick. The latest trailer and a clip from the show give us a look at its incredibly insane radioactive wild west — and Walton Goggins! The show drops on Amazon Prime on April 11.

The Acolyte

The next Star Wars show may not be Andor Season 2, but it still looks great. The Acolyte takes us into live action in the High Republic era for the first time, as darkness is just about to start creeping into the galaxy. Set 100-200 years before the events of the the original trilogy, The Acolyte drops on Disney+ on June 4.


Dare I say it, but Furiosa is a much more intriguing character than Mad Max, and it’s his world we’re living in for this spin-off. The latest trailer gives us more of the backstory of the character as it looks to be a decades-spanning tale of her rise. May 24, circled.

Godzilla x Kong

The latest film in Legendary’s Monsterverse is the culmination of 10 years of, uh, worldbuilding. And destroying. And it looks absolutely dumb. But also I want to see it, because Godzilla and kaiju and big dumb fights. It hits with a radioactive fist next week.

The Crow

Brandon Lee’s original portrayal of The Crow will never be beat. Executives have tried over the years, and always failed, and now they’re trying again. With Bill Skarsgård! In June. Sure. I guess?

Rebel Moon: Part Two – the Scargiver

The first Rebel Moon film was, well, extremely mediocre AT BEST, and completely boring at worst. It likely leans towards that latter description. Netflix is in a deep enough contract with Zack Snyder that forces more of these be made, so here we are with a sequel on the way. Part Two of the film series lands on the streaming service in April.

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft loves making adaptations of all of their films, no matter how good (OR BAD) they end up being. With Watch Dogs seemingly one of the last few Ubisoft I{ to recieve a film the company thought it was likely time to give it the old college try. According to Deadline, Ubisoft will be working with New Regency to put together a film based on the hacker concept, with Sophie Wilde as the star. No release date or other details are known yet.

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Many people missed this little game (because it dropped in 2020) but it apparently warranted enough of a following that TOHO animation and P.A. Works will be creating an anime based on it. Teaser ahoy!

The Sims

If Margot Robbie’s plate wasn’t full yet, she’s about to pile on more. The actor/producer is developing a film based on The Sims, which oddly feels like it could be real similar to a few other movies about weird, plastic-like characters that we play with. The Hollywood Reporter is breaking that news byte.