Dragon Age: The Veilguard shows a BioWare that might be back

Dragon Age: The Veilguard shows a BioWare that might be back

Dragons, ages, *AND* guards of veils?! In THIS economy?

At Summer Game Fest this week, Electronic Arts and BioWare finally took the veil (pun!) off of their next Dragon Age game. Previously known as Dreadwolf, the game is now dubbed Dragon Age: The Veilguard and it looks mighty impressive — so much so that it has us thinking that it feels like the good old days of BioWare are creeping back, maybe.

Today, the company showcased a 20+ minute trailer highlighting gameplay and characters, settings and spells: basically everything that makes a Dragon Age game a Dragon Age game.

The video shows an early chunk of the game, with a player-created character scouting around a town with their teammates. It looks imposing, with a sort of “calm before the storm” feel that gets quickly interrupted by demons appearing out of everywhere. Interactions feel like they have weight, albeit slightly cheesy — that’s okay, though, because cheesy fantasy is a refreshing take on a genre that’s become super serious as of late.

As the characters move about the town, engaging in battles and traversing over and under pathways, the motion shifting from action to cutscene and back is extremely fluid. The visuals are really solid, in fact, with great enemy design and animations set against a really detailed environment. There’s a lot to take in with the video, and it feels like a return to form for the developer.

There’s not a ton of time we’ll have to wait to see that’s true, as Dragon Age: The Veilguard launches this fall on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

If you’re salivating for more, check out the reveal trailer below from the Xbox Showcase from just a couple of days ago.