This Big Daddy Costume is Better Than a Sequel


This is an incredible, incredible mock-up rendition of a Big Daddy by artist Harrison Krix.  I love great models & intricate costumes, especially gaming-related, as well as Bioshock.  This take on the Big Daddy is beautifully monstrous.  The best part?  The blog associated with it details (meticulously) the incredible craftsmanship that went into putting together the costume from start to finish.  From initial foam templates, to glue, to paint and cloth the costume creation process is a huge undertaking… but with a truly terrific result.

Check out the blog for all the step-by-step DIY creation of the Big Daddy, as well as the photos from Dragoncon ’09 of the actual in-person wearable or watch the video after the break.

Images courtesy Volpin Props