Light Cycle Competition Entries – Final Set 7

Light Cycle Competition Entries – Final Set 7

And that’s a wrap!  We’ve received and posted all the eligible images, and in the past few weeks we’ve had time to be in awe of all of them.  We’re knee-deep in the selection process for the top designs, but until then we’ve got the final set posted here for your utmost viewing pleasure.

The image above is from Chris Greazel.

The winners will be announced later this evening.

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All of these images are owned by their respective artists.

Aditya Bhalaik

Aida Watson

Alessandro Trombin

Andras Vigyazo

Andy Whittome

Anna Bechtel

Borka Schwarzer

Christian Steffens

Dayne Washington

James Quayle

Joseph Rajakaruna

M Liner

Marie Ziviski

Markus Krautter

Matias Diaz

Mauro Diaz

Michael Wilden

Norbert Adamowicz

Om Suthar

Paulo Italiani

Phill Moo

Scott Templin

Sebastian Lorenz

Tony Hsu

Wallace Campbell