Thanks… for giving us these videos today.

Thanks… for giving us these videos today.

We know, the Angry Birds are so 2010. The amount of viral fandom around them, however, continues to grow. Take a look at the clip above from the folks at Random Encounters. It’s a full-on puppet musical with birds singing about their distaste for the green pigs. Also: sock puppets.

Not bad at all, considering I’ll be digging into a bird tomorrow for my own gluttonous enjoyment.

Another video you’d do well to check out is the live-action clip for APB Reloaded. We can’t say that we’ve been keeping up with this game very much, but the trailer actually has managed to pique our interest. Nice art direction, too.

And finally, the last clip above is all about Street Fighter x Tekken. We’re already excited about this game, and don’t need much to work us up any more, so seeing a few folks fake-pummel themselves doesn’t enhance our love for it. In fact, the video isn’t all that exciting, either. However, seeing a few folks fake-pummel themselves DOES enhance our love for the impromptu bouts of Capoeira that kept happening in art school.

At least we all have this majestic dinner to look forward to tomorrow. YUM:

Angry Turkey
Angry Turkey Angry Bird