Vlambeer’s ‘monetizethat$hit’ page allows you get ‘filthy rich’ on its games

Vlambeer’s ‘monetizethat$hit’ page allows you get ‘filthy rich’ on its games

Word to the wise: you will not be able to legally make money on videos of Vlambeer’s games during the apocalypse.

But until then, the Ridiculous Fishing and Nuclear Throne developer says you can go right ahead. And if you need explicit approval, go to Vlambeer’s newly released monetization permission generator, type in your name and — bam! — you have a legal document.

“This permission is (retro-actively) valid from the moment your service has been launched until the end of time / apocalypse / the events in Nuclear Throne become a reality,” the “monetizethat$hit” generator reads. “This permission shall not be limited to any territory, planet, solar system, universe or hypothetical alternate realities.”

The indie developer released the page Saturday after receiving multiple requests for permission from players who want to make money on streaming or uploading videos of Vlambeer’s games to YouTube. Vlambeer also heard multiple reports of YouTube taking down videos of game footage or removing monetization privileges from users.

Rami Ishmail, Vlambeer’s business and development guru, said the developer wanted to make sure YouTube users have a definitive document that can prove they have a legal right to monetize on gameplay videos.

“YouTube does not always allow people to stream based on a Tweet, general permission or general notice,” he said. “We’ve had people that had written statements from us that did not have the game title declined for monetization on YouTube — the reasons for such denial being completely opaque from the outside. Now, we obviously really appreciate people making videos about our games, so we want to make things easy.”