#ScreenshotSaturday for October 10, 2015

#ScreenshotSaturday for October 10, 2015

We’re a little late in posting, but we haven’t forgotten about #ScreenshotSaturday this week. We’ve been wrapped up in some great TV and gaming has had to fit in there somewhere. Luckily the internet and Twitter hashtags are forever! Follow along or hop on Twitter and peep for yourself.

As usual, full credit to all of the creators each week who share their work.

I never get sick of looking at sprites. It’s an art form that may seem simple, but takes a lot of planning and process. The Last Time‘s granny sprite captures the absolute essence of what I think of 80s TV grandmothers, which fits right in with the retro art style.

I like the art style of brawler Dusty Raging Fist. It has a Saturday morning cartoon feel with great character design and smooth animation.

VR is coming right at our faces, and so it’s great to see our friends at Oculus promote the games that are arriving on its devices. Land’s End is one game we’ve had our eye on, and the latest images look grrrreeeeaaaaat.

OMG! Inflatality looks hilariously great! Those wacky waving arm inflatables in a one-v-one battle? YESSSSS!

Intersection is a new puzzle platformer heading to Greenlight soon, and has a nice Monument Valley feel to it.

Wanderer is another game that has a retro pixel look. It seems to (visually) mesh Star Wars with exploration, and I’m down with that.

Rynn’s Adventure is another game we’ve been keeping our eyes on. Animated fox platforming! Whoop!

One of the things I really like about Screenshot Saturday is that many developers use it as a sort of test bed for their ideas. Whether it’s looking at perspectives…

… showcasing design updates…

… or even just bug testing, it’s great to watch progress take place.