Overwatch 2 is officially revealed

Overwatch 2 is officially revealed

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During its Blizzcon Opening Ceremony, Blizzard Entertainment revealed Overwatch 2. It kicked off the reveal with a “Story So Far” trailer that summarized the “plot” reveals over the last few years.

Jeff Kaplan took the stage at Blizzcon to reveal the news, even joking about the leaks. The trailers continued with Winston and Mei contemplating if there would be enough people to complete their next mission, reminiscing about the past, before the game was fully revealed.

The game will feature returning heroes and retain the popular team modes. It’ll also have a new core competitive mode called “Push,” which will be playable across team and league modes. A new map will take place in Toronto (the first Canadian map) and the game will feature more plots as well as PvE co-op experiences, as a complete story experience. The first story section revealed is called “Rio de Janeiro” and is immediately playable at Blizzcon.

The new game will feature multiple new heroes, including Sojourn. The visuals and heroes will receive a new art style and hero designs.

Players of the current Overwatch game, across all platforms, will be able to play their same characters and maps with Overwatch 2 players. Current accomplishments (like skins and cosmetics) will carry over, so that all progress continues with the players.

No platforms or launch date has been revealed.