Riot Games’ hero shooter is titled Valorant

Riot Games’ hero shooter is titled Valorant

FPS with style coming this year

Riot’s “A” game has been fully revealed. Announced back in October of 2019, Valorant is a hero-based tactical FPS in which players jump into the game as unique “agents” and take each other on. It will launch in free-to-play, with twelve playable Agents available at first and four maps.

Much like other games in the burgeoning genre, the experience borrows some of the most notable elements from Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends, Counterstrike, and more, and ratchets them up, hoping to be “the best” at each aspect. This includes abilities, squads, movement, shooting, weapon design, etc, to the point where Valorant might be best described as a mash-up of your favorite separate features in other games.

But saying all of that is one thing, actually playing Valorant will ultimately be the most important thing. Luckily, that won’t be too far off. Valorant is set to launch this Summer on PC.

Source: Riot Games