Saturday Morning Cartoons: PokéToon — Chase the Beans

Saturday Morning Cartoons: PokéToon — Chase the Beans

New style based on old shows

I grew up watching the old Looney Tunes cartoons featuring Bugs Bunny and crew. (Wile E Coyote & the Roadrunner are still possibly the best individual skits ever created in 2D, and partly the reason I got into the Design world.) The Pokémon company obviously utilizes animation as a big part of its IP, but it’s typically gone for flashy visuals as new animation techniques arrive.


This time the company opted to try that classic style of Looney Tunes, in a new animated series they’re calling PokéToons. The first clip above, titles Chase the Beans, features a Scraggy getting into very typical Looney Tunes style hijinx as it sets out to eat the heart-shaped legumes. The video was posted on the official Pokémon Kids TV channel.

Enjoy! I hope there’s more in this style!

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