Amazon’s Crucible retracts into closed beta

Amazon’s Crucible retracts into closed beta

Big yikes for the big game

Amazon has had an uphill battle with Crucible. Like Anthem and Lawbreakers before it, putting all of one’s eggs in a basket, when there are already plenty of baskets to go around, can lead to difficult choices when results don’t go as planned.

With Crucible, results didn’t go as planned.

What started with a closed beta and went into launch has now come full circle and gone back into closed beta, as the game is being pulled back into development for major fixes. The game will still follow the roadmap that the developers laid out for it, but it will do so under much stricter scrutiny — no new players can join as of today, July 1st. The game will still be available to all who registered beforehand, but for everyone else… they’ll have to wait.

There’s no timeframe for the step out of beta, but hopefully when it does come back the game will have addressed some of its pressing issues. In the meantime you can find solace in little known similar games like Valorant, Overwatch, Team Fortress, Counterstrike…

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