Analogue Pocket delayed until 2021

Analogue Pocket delayed until 2021

Device to add more features

The upcoming Analogue Pocket, the next FPGA device from Analogue, is getting a bit of a delay. Now being pushed back into 2021 (can you guess why?) the portable hybrid will have a few more months to bake in the development and manufacturing oven.

However, that doesn’t mean that the team is resting on its digital laurels.

The Pocket lets owners plug in and play cartridges from the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance (and other handhelds using adapters) up-rezzed on its beautiful screen. The FPGA allows the Pocket to play games on adjusted hardware instead of creating an emulated pass-through, so that games play more like they’re supposed to. The device can then utilize a dock to play directly on TV sets.

The updated features include:

  • Adjusted button locations on the Pocket for optimal comfort
  • A new recess in the dock will help the Pocket be more stable
  • Pressing the Power button puts the Pocket into a sleep mode, allowing for quick restarts and wakes
  • The dock can connect up to 4 controllers through either USB, Bluetooth or 2.4g wireless
  • Pocket-to-Pocket multiplayer can support up to 4 players using cables
  • New accessories (like protective cases) and cartridge adapters (Lynx, Neo Geo Color, Game Gear) have been developed
  • The Pocket can be connect to PCs and Macs with Nanoloop and Audio/MIDI cables
  • The device now includes an Original Display Mode, allowing games to be played in their OG hardware visual styles (Game Boy green!)

Preorders begin August 3 at 8AM PT. The Pocket starts at $199.99.