AtGames brings more ways to have an arcade at home

AtGames brings more ways to have an arcade at home

If you have ever wanted an arcade experience at home but don’t want a bunch of cabinets sitting around your house, you may be in luck. AtGames, makers of the already great Legends Ultimate Arcade cabinets, are releasing three new arcade experiences meant to be hooked up to your existing entertainment setup. 

These aren’t just your normal home arcade experiences that have been popular as of late. The AtGames Legends family has a ton of features that separates it from others in the market. For starters, you can add your own games to the system, allowing you to play your favorite games up to the SNES and Genesis generation. You can also add just about any 2D arcade games and portable games up to the GBA; of course, you must own these games already and have a ROM file of them. The platform also allows you to play some of its built in games with friends and compete in leaderboards online. You can also stream directly from the devices, allowing you to connect a headset and interact with viewers as you play. One of the platform’s coolest features is the ability to connect the control decks to a PC, allowing you to play your favorite modern games with classic arcade controls.

The Legends Gamer Pro is a two player, portable arcade experience featuring 8 buttons for fighting games, arcade quality sticks, additional buttons on the side for pinball, and a trackball. It comes preloaded with 150 licensed games.

The Legends Gamer is essentially the same setup as the Pro, but it ditches the trackball to save you $50. The trackball is available for purchase later if you want to upgrade the Gamer with that functionality.

If you’re not interested in a two player setup, The Legends Gamer Mini might be a better fit. It features the same joystick and 8 buttons as its bigger brothers, but loses the trackball and pinball buttons. The Mini can be upgraded later with the pinball kit if you decide you need it.

Preorders for the new Legends Gamer series are available now from the AtGames website. The Gamer series is expected to ship in early October.