Jeff Grubb appreciation thread: Mass Effect Legendary Edition announced

Jeff Grubb appreciation thread: Mass Effect Legendary Edition announced

BioWare formally announces remastered edition of Mass Effect trilogy

We’re huge fans of Mass Effect here at SideQuesting, having awarded the sequel our GOTY in 2010. The series is regarded as one of the best modern RPGs, and has a giant following. Though the fourth main game, Andromeda, didn’t light the world on fire, the original games were still remaining popular online and in digital storefronts. Now they’re coming back.

Just as our GOOD FRIEND JEFF GRUBB has been telling us for months now, BioWare and its publisher EA have officially announced the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a remastered collection of the first three games and all of their DLC. The news was announced in an N7 Day blog post on BioWare’s website. The package will include all of the single-player DLC, special weapons, and more, remastered for modern play in 4K and on modern consoles.

The game will release first for PS4, Xbox One and PC in Spring 2021, and be forwards compatible for the PS5 and Xbox Series.

BioWare *also* announced that a new Mass Effect game was in the works, but it’s so early that not much is known or revealed. A new Mass Effect game! There hasn’t been one since Mass Effect 3.


I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite gaming news of the day.

Source: BioWare