Nintendo reveals second LEGO Super Mario wave

Nintendo reveals second LEGO Super Mario wave

Includes Maker set for further creativity

Nintendo has revealed the next wave of LEGO Super Mario sets. Set for January, this second wave (ugh, we hate saying those words right now) brings along several new sets that expand the attachable world and the characters within it.

The centerpiece of the new experience is perhaps the Master Your Adventure Maker Set, which includes not only new items (like the Poison Mushroom) but also the ability to mix and match block and powerup capabilities, allowing players to adjust how Mario collects coins and what effects occur when he hits certain blocks. To expand the replayability even further, the new Start Pipe can shuffle the effects of a world, making each play experience fairly unique.

New characters and items include Ninji, Spiny Cheep Cheep, Wigglers, and Piranha Plants, and wearable suits like the Penguin and Tanooki Suits.

The four new large sets, new outfits and character packs all launch on January 1, 2021 around the world.