Ubisoft working on open world Star Wars game

Ubisoft working on open world Star Wars game

Lucasfilm Games and Ubisoft sign agreement for new project

Lucasfilm Games, a new-ish subsidiary of Disney, will be handling Star Wars and Indiana Jones projects, among others. Yesterday we got word about Indy, and today there’s some Star Wars news.

WIRED is reporting that Ubisoft and Lucasfilm have entered into an agreement for the publisher to develop and open-world Star Wars game. Ubi’s Massive Entertainment dev house will be handling the game, with details being very slim otherwise.

Electronic Arts has had almost exclusive production of the Star Wars franchise, releasing a few games on console here and there — through not nearly enough. EA and Disney had a contractual agreement in place, it was reported, for 10 years; that may have run out, or been modified, to allow for other companies to have access to the IP. Disney is currently launching its High Republic era of Star Wars across media, and has several new projects in the works for film and D+.

There’s no release date, platform, or anything else, but it’s likely not coming to Wii U.

Source: WIRED