Discord’s rebound is PlayStation

Discord’s rebound is PlayStation

An unexpected twist to Discord’s love triangle

Another day, another Discord story.

The social media/live message board company seems to have finally found a home. Just mere days after it abruptly broke off its engagement to Microsoft, Discord has found a new love interest: PlayStation. The match may actually be made in heaven, as SIE’s community aspects are lagging behind and they’re looking to bolster their abilities to drive audiences to PSN and beyond.

In a blog post, Sony’s Jim Ryan discussed the details, noting that SIE will take a minority stake in Discord’s Series H funding round. The integration between the two hasn’t been announced, but is expected to begin in 2022 as the details are worked out.

Now, you’ll be able to play Fortnite (Epic) on a Switch (Nintendo) as Master Chief (Microsoft) while making your Discord (Sony) call on your iPhone (Apple).

Source: SIE