Company of Heroes 3 announced

Company of Heroes 3 announced

The famed RTS series is back in World War II

Relic Entertainment and SEGA have announced the next game in the Company of Heroes series. The third game brings the battle back to World War II, and focuses on the many facets of battle. Players will lead armies large and small as they look to advance, capture territory, and minimize their losses.

Relic is noting how much more the game will rely on maintaining the environment around the players, as managing key landmarks can turn the tide of fights. For instance, pushing towards and capturing an airfield can help stop bombing runs against squads, but could leave flanks open to mortars in the process. There’s a strong focus on maintaining the original CoH gameplay here through refinement instead of wholesale changes.

The game will now also jump into the Mediterranean theater, as players will tackle entirely new campaigns and locales.

The game is currently in pre-Alpha, and players are invited to jump into the action early on and help inform the development of the game.

Company of Heroes 3 has no confirmed launch date yet. Alpha registration is available at their website.