Luigi’s Mansion LEGO sets coming to Super Mario collection

Luigi’s Mansion LEGO sets coming to Super Mario collection

The man in green gets his due with new toy sets

Nintendo’s LEGO sets have been a lot of fun to mess around with. Not only have they been a novel way to interact with toy technology, but they’ve also given us some great looks at Super Mario characters and settings from across the series’ history.

Though Luigi’s Starter Set just came out a few months ago, his inclusion was more or less an alternative way to interact with the worlds already available. Until now, that is. Nintendo and LEGO have revealed a trilogy of sets based on Luigi’s Mansion, giving Mario’s brother his own places to explore.

In one set, the Lab and Poltergust, Professor E. Gadd will join the game alongside Luigi’s main weapon in the games. In another, Entryway, Polterpup drops by. Finally, in Haunt-and-Seek, rotating hallways and puzzles are designed in to give Luigi a challenge. This largest set can be combined with the other two for essentially a full mansion.

The sets will be available at the beginning of January. Here’s hoping we get a set based on the Philips CD-i’s Hotel Mario.