Valve delays Steam Deck to 2022

Valve delays Steam Deck to 2022

Global supply issues push back the release of the new hardware

Anyone hoping to get their hands on hot new gaming hardware this holiday season is in for yet another punch to the nerd gut: Valve has delayed its upcoming Steam Deck platform for two months.

The portable device, which was set to begin shipping in December, has hit the same constraints that are plaguing the rest of the world, namely supply issues. Whether it’s microchips, raw materials, components, etc etc, the pandemic, coupled with vastly increased demand and international trade wars, leaves little in the way of getting us the products that we want this year, and the goliath Valve is no different.

The Deck, which comes in a couple of flavors of storage space, is now expected to launch in February 2022. However, don’t hold your breath on that date, either. Supply delays are expected to last well into 2022 and possibly 2023, so even if you manage to preorder you may not get that order filled for a long while yet.

Thankfully, there’s a hell of a lot of stuff to play on our current game devices and our backlogs are deep.

Source: Valve