announces massive $10 charity bundle for Ukraine announces massive $10 charity bundle for Ukraine and Necrosoft Games have organized a charity bundle featuring 991 items including indie games, books, comics, tabletop RPGs, books and game assets, including titles like Skatebird, CrossCode, and Celeste, all for a minimum donation of $10. 

All proceeds of the Bundle for Ukraine will be going to organizations aiding with relief in the region. Specifically, the International Medical Corps, a nonprofit currently working in Ukraine to aid those in need with access to medical services, as well as Voices of Children, a Ukrainian organization that has be creating shelters and providing support to children.

It’s worth noting that while the minimum donation for the 991 item bundle is $10, Necrosoft Games is urging donors to go above and beyond if their means permit it, as they’re hoping to reach a $1 million goal by March 17.