Smash Bros’ Sora is in a new game: Kingdom Hearts IV revealed

Smash Bros’ Sora is in a new game: Kingdom Hearts IV revealed

Gaming’s most convoluted story comes back for a giant new adventure

What a 12 months Sora is having. The Super Smash Bros Ultimate character has appeared in a ton of games since his reveal in the fighting game, from series of cloud games for Nintendo’s Switch to stuff on mobile platforms, and now a brand new game! In fact, DID YOU KNOW that he’s actually not originally a character created for Smash? No? Don’t worry, it’s hard to miss. He’s actually the star of a series known as KINGDOM HEARTS, that dates back 20 years!

Almost as old as Smash Bros!

Anyways, all joking aside, the hardest-to-follow story in all of gaming is undoubtedly the Kingdom Hearts series (unless you’re SideQuesting’s Quest or Cory who can retell it in their sleep). While the events of KH3 were kinda sorta final for the series, a new arc is starting — and it begins with Kingdom Hearts IV.

The Lost Master Arc swings the story towards the “real world” location of the city of Quadratum, now getting infested by kaiju-level Heartless. Sora awakens, meets the mysterious Strelitzia, and jumps into action. Speaking of which, the battle system looks like it’s getting a much-needed upgrade, as evidenced by the trailer — it’s no known if it’s in-game visuals or not, but the direction is intriguing with how lock-on and grappling seem to work.

There’s no release date for KH4, or platforms, but it ain’t gonna be this year.