Hump Day Trailer Explosion: She-Hulk, Boys, and more upcoming shows and movies

Hump Day Trailer Explosion: She-Hulk, Boys, and more upcoming shows and movies

A mid-week trailer smorgasbord to prolong your coffee breaks

It’s been a big week for pop culture, geeks, and nerds. The last 7+ days have been focused on upfronts, showing off upcoming shows and movies from some of the biggest production companies in the world. While we could nip away at each of these in individual posts, we also know that your coffee break is SUPER IMPORTANT and that you can have a much better use of your time if you saw them all at once. Coffee is important!

Anyhoo, some of the biggest news comes from Disney, of course. The first trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is here! And it has a LOT of green CGI in it.

The show stars Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters, Bruce Banner’s cousin, as she becomes the green hero and joins a super hero defense law firm. Returning are Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk and Tim Roth as Abomination, and joining the cast is Jameela Jamill. It arrives on D+ on August 17th.

Marvel’s Echo show is coming along well, as the company released the first image from its upcoming Hawkeye spin-off series.

The series stars Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez, the deaf gang leader-turned-antihero as she returns to her Native American home and deals with the fallout of her previous life. It will arrive in 2023 on D+.

Maybe you know this, but Disney also owns Star Wars! It’s true! And a bunch of news just dropped on projects. Here is all is, bullet-pointed for you in easy to digest format:

  • Ahsko has started production, and though there isn’t a timeline yet it’s safe to say late 2023 is being circled
  • Jon Watts (the director of the most recent Spider-man trilogy) has signed to do a sort of coming-of-age series starring youth in the Star Wars universe. Think Stranger Things, but they’re stealing speeder bikes now.
  • As for the coming schedule of shows, Obi-Wan starts next week, Andor will arrive in late Summer, and Mandalorian Season 3 hits D+ at the tail end of 2022/early 2023. Then Ahsoka, obviously.
  • The next Star Wars film to release in theaters will actually be from Taika Waititi, according to Vanity Fair, followed by Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron film. Rian Johnson’s new trilogy will be but on hold for a while as he finishes other projects for Netflix.
  • Expect more Star Wars news (and maybe trailers!) at next week’s Star Wars Celebration.

Speaking of Netflix, there’s a bunch of cool stuff happening over at the streaming giant.

Chris Hemsworth is starring in the upcoming Spiderhead, a film about a wicked dude who’s experimenting on prisoners with drugs, leading to some unexpected results. SideQuesting fanboy Hemsworth takes a definite character turn from his usual good guy persona to don a more, uh, psychotic mask. It arrives June 17.

Resident Evil has been one of the properties that Netflix has put a LOT of money into, and they’ve finally unleashed the first teasers for the upcoming live-action show. This show seems to start at the beginning of all of Umbrella’s shenanigans, as we follow the Wesker kids as they make the trek to New Raccoon City. We’ll start their journey on July 14th.

If you love great animation, then you NEED to watch LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS, the anthology series from some of the world’s top animation houses and teams. The season 3 trailer is finally here, and is truly bonkers. The show returns May 20th — this week!!

Amazon Prime, not to be outdone, has dropped the biggest full-length trailer yet for The Boys Season 3. It’s truly one of the best comic book tv shows of all time, and this upcoming season looks to ratchet up the chaos even more. Homelander is losing his mind, and things aren’t going to end up well if he’s not stopped. The season will also see the debut of Soldier Boy, one of the more popular characters from the comics. The Boys returns June 3rd.