The Westworld Season 4 trailer is here

The Westworld Season 4 trailer is here

HOB’s Sci Fi big show returns June 26th

We’re been waiting a long time for the return of Westworld, and thankfully we don’t have to wait too much longer.

The hit show, set in a wild future in which androids, cyborgs, robots, AI, and humanity all converge into one beautiful mess, will be returning to HBO & HBO Max on June 26th. The trailer above, set to Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day”, shows all of the returning characters we know and love and hate, as well as some interesting takes and return to form for a few (Man in black!). The teaser may even be hinting at a city as the next “fake” Delos destination.

I can’t really tell, but that’s why we watch it!

June 26!