Hands-on Preview: Cookie Cutter

Hands-on Preview: Cookie Cutter

Is it a brawler? A platformer? A 2D visual novel? WRONG!

From a quick glance it’s not easy to discern what Cookie Cutter is, because it really does look like a bunch of different, cool ideas. BUT! It’s one of the most exciting, unique Metroidvanias in development, and J.J. can’t stop giving it praise in this hands-on preview discussion from his time with the game at PAX West.

In the game we play as a robot who’s also a diner waitress and is just bad to the core, but somehow so incredibly endearing as a character that we can’t help but root for them as we kick enemies’ asses. The game feels a little like a brawler, but on a singular plane and with A LOT of exploratory elements, getting us to go back and forth throughout stages often. We have combos and attacks on a weapon wheel, which include blasting apart enemies with a robot fist. The brawling aspect is unique (even the need to do perfect parries sometimes) and ends in a gory, glory kill when we’re successful.

In this case Subcult Joint isn’t trying to make a Castlevania or a Metroid game with a new glaze, they’re genuinely trying to make a cool product that uses exploration to tell its story.

Cookie Cutter punches us in 2023.

Logo, images, & game video courtesy Subcult Joint.