There’s a new Tron game coming and it’s not what you think

There’s a new Tron game coming and it’s not what you think

The only disc you throw is in your back

Tron has a, uh, legacy. The property really only has two major movies and an animated series, debuting years apart, and a few games scattered here and there. It is, however, beloved by its fanatics, and ever more prescient today. The action-heavy series has begot similar action-heavy games — there’s a disc, so you obviously have to throw it — but the latest game will take a different spin.

Tron: Identity, developed by Bithell Games, will eschew some of the major action to focus on narrative elements and storytelling. While not much was shown at Disney’s D23 games showcase yesterday, a logo was featured spun on the iconic Identity Disc. This will feature prominently in the idea, which takes place in a sort of alternate story. In an interview after the showcase Bithell explained that the game takes place “in a world where Flynn created an Ark. Where Flynn created a second grid for them to go to, promising that he’d come back.”

We know he never does, seeing the events of Tron: Legacy, so that grid is now spinning all over the place.

No platforms have been announced but we do have a 2023 release date. For a taste of what it MIGHT be like be sure to check out Bithell’s other games, like Subsurface Circular, Arcsmith (VR) or John Wick Hex.