Capcom announces mega Summer 2023 showcase, man

Capcom announces mega Summer 2023 showcase, man

It’s gonna rock, man!

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Psst! Guess what? CAPCOM, BABY!

Yes, THAT Capcom! The ones who just released a huge fighting game, you may have heard about it, have announced a showcase of new products taking place next week during what would have been E3 (RIP). The company has been hosting a showcase regularly now, and looks to capitalize on the hype behind SF6 and the upcoming RE4 DLC to drop even more news.

So, what will we see?

Well, probably SOMETHING Street Fighter related (maybe Season Pass news?) and the Resident Evil 4 DLC and VR mode for PSVR2. Monster Hunter Rise/Sunbreak just held its last showcase and dropped its final DLC last week, so that series won’t be mentioned. But, Exoprimal is on the way this Summer, so expect info on that. And, hopefully something Mega Man related — it’s been a long time coming!

The stream will take place on June 12 at 3PM PT/6PM ET on Capcom’s website and YouTube pages.